Linkpage to all Denmark's photographed cemeteries.

  • Here we collect the links to all Denmark's photographed cemeteries. Digitizing all these cemeteries, our common past and future, is a nationwide project on the Dk tombstone.
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  • Everyone can participate, at their level - it also means that most cemeteries display images, others not. In some cemeteries, pictures can be downloaded, and may be used for you genealogywith, with the name of the photographer.
  • Pressing on kg2 or kg3 will show others who have photographed the same cemetery.

    Here you will find the cemeteries:
  • Click-only county map ("Kort sider" or "Index"), where you see the cemeteries already photographed.
  • On the cards are the finished cemeteries Green.
  • Reserved cemeteries are viewed om the map with Rosa fields, and in the "Index" lists marked .

    Have you, or do you want to photograph a cemetery?
  • Then you start to check if your cemetery is available at Dk Tombstone, this is done under "Find Cemeteries" (Find kirkegårdene) in the menu on the left (on Danish). If you want to photograph a cemetery, contact Webmaster.
  • If you have pictures of Danes who are buried outside Denmark, I would like to put them on the page, Deceased Danes buried (Afdøde danskerer begravet i udlandet).

      Dk-tombstone (Dk-gravsten):
  • Is a project that preserves the old tombstone for posterity as part of the national heritage. As well as gathering links to photographed cemeteries in Denmark as a help for genealogists at home and abroad.
    In collaborate with Findengrav., Korttilkirken and Dansk KirkegaardsIndex.
    Torben Bank Sørensen
    (Cemetery photographer.)

    A tombstone's page made on a voluntary and unpaid basis.
    Contact: Webmaster